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2016, Volume 5, Issue 1,

 Review Article pp. 1 - 7  
  Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: a Kidney’s Perspective 
  Wisit Cheungpasitporn, Charat Thongprayoon, Kianoush Kashani
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.01      PMCID: PMC4827378      PMID: 27069960
 Original Article pp. 8 - 11  
  Reduction of left ventricular ejection fraction after 12-month follow-up in hemodialysis patients
  Ali Momeni, Arsalan Khaledi, Katayoun Hasanzadeh
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.02      PMCID: PMC4827389      PMID: 27069961
 Original Article pp. 12 - 16  
  BK virus nephropathy is not always alone
  Haydarali Esmaili, Elmira Mostafidi, Mohammadreza Ardalan, Amir Vahedi, Fariba Mahmoodpoor, Mohammadali Mohajel-Shoja
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.03      PMCID: PMC4827379      PMID: 27069959
 Original Article pp. 17 - 20  
  Acute tubulointerstitial nephritis/drug induced acute kidney injury; an experience from a single center in Pakistan
  Rubina Naqvi, Muhammad Mubarak, Ejaz Ahmed, Fazal Akhtar, Anwar Naqvi, Adib Rizvi
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.04      PMCID: PMC4827380      PMID: 27069962
 Original Article pp. 21 - 24  
  Contrast induced nephropathy among patients with normal renal function undergoing coronary angiography
  Ahmadreza Assareh, Saeed Yazdankhah, Shahla Majidi, Nasim Nasehi, Seyed Seifollah Beladi Mousavi
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.05      PMCID: PMC4827381      PMID: 27069963
 Original Article pp. 25 - 28  
  Correlation of cystatin C and creatinine based estimates of renal function in children with hydronephrosis
  Hossein-Emad Momtaz, Arash Dehghan, Mohammad Karimian
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.06      PMCID: PMC4827382      PMID: 27069964
 Original Article pp. 29 - 33  
  Role of S-methylisothiourea (SMT) in renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats
  Fatemeh Kanani, Faezeh Fazelnia, Mohaddeseh Mojarradfard, Mehdi Nematbakhsh, Fatemeh Moslemi, Fatemeh Eshraghi-Jazi, Ardeshir Talebi
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.07      PMCID: PMC4827383      PMID: 27069965
 Original Article pp. 34 - 38  
  Prevalence and predictors of atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis in hypertensive patients undergoing simultaneous coronary and renal artery angiography; a cross-sectional study
  Babak Payami, Mehrian Jafarizade, Seyed Seifollah Beladi Mousavi, Shahab-Aldin Sattari, Forough Nokhostin
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.08      PMCID: PMC4827384      PMID: 27069966
 Original Article pp. 39 - 44  
  Barriers to and facilitators of care for hemodialysis patients; a qualitative study
  Monir Nobahar, Mohammad Reza Tamadon
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.09      PMCID: PMC4827385      PMID: 27069967
 Case Report pp. 45 - 47  
  IgA-dominant post-infectious glomerulonephritis; making another case in support of renal biopsy in type 2 diabetic nephropathy
  Ali Nayer, Gargi Davda, Rima Pai, Luis M. Ortega
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.10      PMCID: PMC4827386      PMID: 27069968
 Case Report pp. 48 - 52  
  Pleuritic chest pain from portal hypertensive gastropathy in ESRD patient with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease misdiagnosed as pericarditis.
  Macaulay Amechi Chukwukadibia Macaulay Amechi Chukwukadibia Onuigbo, Nneoma Agbasi, Jennifer Achebe, Charles Odenigbo, Fidelis Oguejiofor
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.11      PMCID: PMC4827387      PMID: 27069969
 Case Report pp. 53 - 54  
  Cerebral salt wasting syndrome due to tuberculous meningitis; a case report
  Syed Ahmad, Zain Majid, Mehwish Mehdi, Muhammed Mubarak
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  doi: 10.15171/jrip.2016.12      PMCID: PMC4827388      PMID: 27069970
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