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2015, Volume 4, Issue 4,

 Editorial pp. 107 - 108  
  Pre-renal or pre-tubular?
  Bijan Roshan
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  doi: 10.12861/jrip.2015.22      PMCID: PMC4685978      PMID: 26693495
 Original Article pp. 109 - 112  
  Evaluation of the protective effect of N-acetylcysteine on contrast media nephropathy
  Aiyoub Pezeshgi, Negin Parsamanesh, Goodarz Farhood, Khalil Mahmoodi
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  doi: 10.12861/jrip.2015.23      PMCID: PMC4685979      PMID: 26693496
 Original Article pp. 113 - 116  
  Spectrum of glomerular diseases causing acute kidney injury; 25 years experience from a single center
  Rubina Naqvi, Muhammed Mubarak, Ejaz Ahmed, Fazal Akhtar, Sajid Bhatti, Anwar Naqvi, Adib Rizvi
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  doi: 10.12861/jrip.2015.24      PMCID: PMC4685980      PMID: 26693497
 Original Article pp. 117 - 119  
  The prevalence of hypercalciuria in girl kids with over active bladder
  Parsa Yousefichaijan, Mohammad Rafiei, Atefeh Aziminejad, Abdolghader Pakniyat
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  doi: 10.12861/jrip.2015.25      PMCID: PMC4685981      PMID: 26693498
 Original Article pp. 120 - 126  
  Congenital anomalies of kidney and upper urinary tract in children with congenital hypothyroidism; a case-control study
  Parsa Yousefichaijan, Fatemeh Dorreh, Mohammad Rafeie, Mojtaba Sharafkhah, Fatemeh Safi
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  doi: 10.12861/jrip.2015.26      PMCID: PMC4685982      PMID: 26693499
 Original Article pp. 127 - 134  
  Black-White differences in the effect of baseline depressive symptoms on deaths due to renal diseases: 25 year follow up of a nationally representative community sample
  Shervin Assari, Sarah Burgard
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  doi: 10.12861/jrip.2015.27      PMCID: PMC4685983      PMID: 26693500
 Case Report pp. 135 - 138  
  De novo post-transplant thrombotic microangiopathy localized only to the graft in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease with thrombophilia
  Davide Rolla, Iris Fontana, Jean Louis Ravetti, Luigina Marsano, Diego Bellino, Laura Panaro, Francesca Ansaldo, Lisa Mathiasen, Giulia Storace, Matteo Trezzi
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  doi: 10.12861/jrip.2015.28      PMCID: PMC4685984      PMID: 26693501
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